Do you think we may be related or do you have any of these surnames in your family?

Please contact me at:

  • Alba/Alva
  • Cadasio/Cadacio
  • Calahati
  • Clemente (Spanish/Filipino)
  • Cuenca (Philippines)
  • de la Fuente
  • Grey (Philippines)
  • Hilario
  • Maravilla (Philippines)
  • Requilme
  • Samaco
  • Santa Maria (Barcelona?)
  • Sapinoso (from Imus, Cavite)

I am hoping to expand and share my family history with as many living relatives as possible.

Please join me in this endeavor by sharing any information about your ancestors and descendants, photographs, recordings or other mementoes that you would like to add.

de la Fuente Grey Lualhati/Calahati Samaco Requilme Alba